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Garage Project was founded in August 2011. When they started out they were tiny. Garage Project wasn’t even micro brewing, it was a truly nano brewery. After nine years of working in breweries with equipment 100 times bigger it was quite a change to downsize to a fifty litre brew kit. But what they lacked in size they more than made up for in agility and the ability to experiment. When you’re brewing on such a small scale you can afford to take risks. That suited them. They wanted to try something new. They started with 24/24. 24 different beers, 24 weeks. For 6 months they took a brand new brew down to Hashigo Zake every week and let the public try (and review!) each one. Some were instant favourites, others more challenging, but that’s the nature of pushing boundaries, and it’s an ethos that they try to carry forward into their work to this day. Flash forward 5 years and over 180 different beers, and they’ve grown substantially but whether they’re brewing 50 litres or 2000, they’re still here to take some risks, to have a bit of fun and to try something new.