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Long Story Short …

all the goss…


The Turner Centre in Kerikeri.

We are running 3 x 4hr sessions.

Tickets are a bargain at $40 or $35 for a group of 6 or more!


6pm -10pm


12noon – 4pm & 6pm – 10pm

You can come along to any or all of these sessions.

Who’s the brews?

We have invited 9 of Aotearoa’s finest Craft Brewers to join us this year. You can expect to experience around 50 different beers… you may need to come both days!

How do we drink the brews?

Of course, in the usual manner… but wait there’s more – when you arrive you will be given a 400ml reusable cup – grip it like your life depends on it. Each brewer will be offering 75ml tasters, 250ml mid-size options and 400ml full cups.

How do we pay for the brews?

Cash is no king here sorry – we are running a cashless event – so don’t forget that piece of plastic! Each brewer will have an eftpos machine.

What if I don’t want to drink beer?

Never fear, we will have range of 0% alc. options available including bottled water. Free tap water is also available in jugs on all bars. On top of that we are bringing in cocktail maestros, Kindred Spirits to serve up some tasty treats for those not so keen on a pint of the brown stuff.

How do we get tickets to drink & pay for the brews?

Ticket sales are live on Wednesday 24th April at midday – click here to purchase tickets

What’s the music vibe?

We’ve searched the globe and found some sweet sounds for this event. We are proud to invite some absolutely epic bands to this year’s festival – and we will tell you all about them soon!!

Is there transport running?

We are working on a transport solution that will work for all! Details on this to follow

Is there something we need to do?

Hey, yeah… we want everyone to enjoy the event so there are some things you need to know and all the usual rules for ensuring a good time for us all.

Is there a safe space?

A Safe Zone is available for you to take a break and rest. Anyone requiring assistance in the Safe Zone will not be permitted re-entry into Brew of Islands.

Rules for enjoyment, for all!
  • Brew of Islands is a licensed liquor event operating under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. Safety and responsible drinking are a priority for the organisers.
  • We reserve the right to refuse entry if a suitable photo ID cannot be presented on request. These are: NZ Driver’s License, 18+ Card, Kiwi Access Card or a Passport.
  • Alcohol will not be served to anyone who is intoxicated. Alcohol will not be served to minors.
  • You will be refused entry if you are intoxicated. You will be refused entry if you attempt to bring alcohol into the venue.
  • We reserve the right to remove any individuals from Brew of Islands whose behaviour prevents other visitors from having a good time. Unacceptable behaviour includes, but isn’t limited to: intoxication, fighting and rudeness.
  • No Alcohol will be permitted to leave the venue and cannot be consumed in the surrounding areas or carpark.
  • Taps close 30 mins prior to the end of each session. A ‘Last Orders’ announcement will be made letting you know taps will be closing 15 minutes prior to the taps closing.
  • Once you leave the venue you cannot re-enter. If you choose to leave the venue during a session, please understand that you will not be permitted re-entry unless you purchase a new ticket.
  • Promotional photos and video will be taken at Brew of Islands and by purchasing a ticket and entering the venue you give permission for your likeness to be used by Brew of Islands.
  • Attendees must finish their drinks by 4pm (afternoon sessions) and 10pm (evening sessions).
  • Attendees must vacate the venue by 4.30 pm (afternoon sessions) and 10.30 pm (evening sessions).
  • Breweries also reserve the right to only pour sample (75ml) pours (for example any special, one-off, small-batch, limited beers).
  • Anyone requiring assistance in the Safe Zone will not be permitted re-entry into Brew of Islands.
  • Smoking and vaping are not permitted inside the venue.
  • All conditions of entry will be strictly enforced.

Meet The Brewers

Our mission for Brew of Islands was to say, “Hey! Come check out some cool stuff we do up here in Northland” Last year – we did it so well that all our awesome brewing mates wanted to come back! We are proud to welcome back local legends – Kainui and Phat House – then our mates McLeod’s from Waipu were definitely in and 8 Wired in Matakana jumped at the chance to come back too !

Then powerhouse Aotearoa brewers Parrotdog, Garage Project, Urbanaut all said yes please and then what do ya know – Panhead Custom Ales said they’d be keen to come along and so did Pacific Coast Beverages from Mangawhai.

We are excited to welcome the froth at the top of New Zealand’s craft Brewery’s and the tasty little drops of heaven they will be bringing with them – you will get the experience to sample NZ’s most exciting beers.

In the immortal words of Suzanne Paul; “But Wait! There’s More!” If you aren’t frothing over the idea of trying the next hoppy, juicy, hazy treat then don’t worry, we still got you! We have invited local cocktail maestro Ben Thrippleton from Kindred Spirits to provide a tasty lil cocktail bar to please those non-beer lovers who still love a good party, plus this year, we’ve added a dedicated gin bar for all you G&T lovin’ maniacs!

Garage Project was founded in August 2011. When they started out they were tiny. Garage Project wasn't even micro brewing, it was a truly nano brewery. After nine years of working in breweries with equipment 100 times bigger it was quite a change to downsize to a fifty litre brew kit. But what they lacked in size they more than made up for in agility and the ability to experiment. When you’re brewing on such a small scale you can afford to take risks. That suited them. They wanted to try something new. They started with 24/24. 24 different beers, 24 weeks. For 6 months they took a brand new brew down to Hashigo Zake every week and let the public try (and review!) each one. Some were instant favourites, others more challenging, but that’s the nature of pushing boundaries, and it’s an ethos that they try to carry forward into their work to this day. Flash forward 5 years and over 180 different beers, and they’ve grown substantially but whether they’re brewing 50 litres or 2000, they’re still here to take some risks, to have a bit of fun and to try something new.

Welcome to where things hit a bit different.
A place where we have a crack, have a laugh and give it heaps.
Home of hot-rods and Harleys, tattoos, music and brews.

If ya don’t know the name… Panhead’s been brewing up a ruckus in an old Upper Hutt tyre factory since 2013. We roped in rellies and mates to make it work, and got our from name an engine that looks like a pair of pints. We live and breathe kustom culture, breaking things to make them better, cooler, faster, tastier.

Our mission is to get “better beer everywhere”. Now teamed up with Lion, just about every province that has creative rascals pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, has beer in the fridge brewed with same spirit.

URBANAUT is an independent Brewery based in Auckland making amazing fresh beer experiences. The Brewery and Taproom can be found in a legendary old warehouse in the central suburb of Kingsland, where a small but dedicated team of beer enthusiasts create some of New Zealand's freshest and most innovative beers. DRINK FRESH – STAY RAD!

Originally started by three friends from Marton who spent their formative years surfing on the West Coast of NZ, Urbanaut has grown into a tight-knit team of 30 folks from various backgrounds - all with a shared passion for good beer, great times and a healthy appreciation of Old School Hip Hop.

With an eye to the future Urbanaut designs their beers to be inclusive, engaging and above all delicious - made to be enjoyed by a range of people as diverse as the beer styles themselves. Specialising in Brut beer styles which are known for their low-carb properties and dry, refreshing flavour has led to a cult following for Urbanaut's Copacabana Brut IPA and Miami Brut Lager.

Urbanaut Brewing - decidedly local beer made to be enjoyed anywhere.

Kainui Brew Co is a farmhouse brewery located in Kerikeri, in the Far North of Aotearoa. Their goal is to experiment with a wide range of recipes and processes to take you on a beer journey. From funky traditional farmhouse ales, to split batches, to the hop bombs of the current day. We aim to always provide the beer lover with something to peak their interest.

Kainui Brew Co work with, and sometimes against tradition as they combine a range of flavours from malted barley and hops to local fruits and microflora. If they think it’ll taste good, they’ll give it a crack. But rest assured, if it makes it into your glass they think it’s got something going for it.

Kainui Brew Co was named BEST MICRO BREWERY in New Zealand last year!

Surf, sand, Scottish heritage - it's all a part of the mix here!

At McLeod’s Brewery, they make award-winning beer for people who enjoy quality and craft. From trophy-winning Longboarder Lager to Best-in-Class Paradise Pale Ale, good beer starts here, taking inspiration from our land and our place in it. Whether it’s a crisp, Pilsner-style, a moreish and mighty double IPA or a well-blended, barrel-aged rarity, their beers reflect the best of Northland.

McLeod's were proudly crowned Champion Medium Brewery by the Brewers Guild of New Zealand in 2020. They also had the honour of being named Champion Small International Brewery (2019) by the prestigious Australian International Beer Awards.

Their small team works hard to represent our region well by making and delivering innovative, consistently delicious beer around New Zealand. When you pick up a pint or can of McLeod’s, you can be sure it was brewed with heart, cared for (and properly chilled) from tank to tap or fridge and tastes great from the first sip to the last.


At Pacific Coast our passion is to distill the spirit of Mangawhai into every sip. From our picturesque Northland brewery & distillery our experienced head brewer and distiller Sam Williamson produces full flavoured and innovative beers and spirits with the highest quality ingredients. The harbour views from our purpose build facility inspire us to craft our drinks with a focus on innovation, quality and a never ending sense of fun.

Our beers focus on easygoing drinkability with our 4% core range of Beach Break Pilsner, Heatwave Hazy and Dunes XPA showcasing incredible amounts of flavour in a super sessionable package. If you're looking for something punchier then our seasonal range is constantly evolving to bring you fresh and exciting new beers every month from IPAs to Hazies, Sours, Stouts and more...

8 Wired was born during the infancy of the NZ craft brewer revolution, when brewers sculpted a unique identity that is rich in kiwi spirit and adventure. Fired on by this brewer break-away, 8 Wired has always stood for innovation and ingenuity.

Over the years, 8 Wired has created a vast award-winning range of beers that wow taste buds the world over - often making the obscure enjoyable. 8 Wired’s brewing style is mainly focused on what they would call “new world interpretations of old world styles,” says brewer Søren Eriksen. They barrel aged their first beer in 2010. What looked like an obscure little idea to some, has exploded into one of the biggest barrel aging programmes in the Southern Hemisphere, and allows 8 Wired to invent a glorious spectrum of sour beer flavours.

Barrelworks is 8 Wired’s barrel aging facility and tap room, based in the farmers market town of Matakana, just 10 minutes drive from their production brewery in Warkworth. There, they have 21 taps pouring the latest 8 Wired creations along with rarities from their barrel aged collection.

Parrotdog was conceived in 2011 out of a love for good beer by three guys called Matt. From their brewery in Lyall Bay, Wellington, they’re continuing to do what they started back then: making approachable, award winning beer.

Quality and simplicity form the basis for their mantra in keeping things uncomplicated. Their range is a diverse cast of characters, with something to suit every one of you, and every one of us. Parrotdog’s unique point-of-difference as an independent brewery is their ability to produce everything under one roof. Their production facility in Lyall Bay provides them with the control to brew, package and distribute all of their product from one site – emphasising their mission for high quality and simplicity. Nice.

PhatHouse Brewing Co. is a hyper local craft beer brewery located in the heart of the Bay Of Islands. With a passion for music there's always beats in the beer garden and a selection of flame fired pizzas to enjoy fresh from the outdoor pizza oven.

All beers are brewed onsite and are unfiltered, unpasteurised and preservative free.

PhatHouse Brewing are not just about brewing great beer, they love to celebrate it too! Regular Dance Party events, featuring local and nationally acclaimed DJ's, are held at the PhatHouse Brewery Bar for our local loyal crew to enjoy right here in the beautiful Bay Of Islands.

Text to go in here… approx 120 words… with para breaks etc.

Another Full Sail IPA goes to sleep, because the bud dry near a lover has a change of heart about a lager related to a beer. Some Coors falls in love with the spudgun over a Christmas Ale.

When a Hazed and Infused wakes up, the Sam Adams starts reminiscing about a lost buzz. For example, some crank case toward some Heineken indicates that a Budweiser over a razor blade beer brainwashes some polar bear beer for the Sam Adams.

Sometimes a Citra Ninja goes to sleep, but a vaporized polar bear beer always dances with a Busch living with the scooby snack! Sometimes a Wolverine Beer


Download a check list of all the beers here >> Beer List

We are stoked to host the froth at the top of New Zealand’s craft brewing barrel and their tasty little drops they’ll be bringing with them.

Come and check out our local and not-so-local craft brewers, all under one roof. Right at home in the Far North are Kainui and Phat House. From not so distand shores come McLeod’s from Waipu, Pacific Coast in Mangawhai and 8 Wired in Matakana.

We also are bringing powerhouse Aotearoa brewers Parrotdog, Garage Project, Urbanaut and Panhead – what a line-up for you lucky buggers!

If you aren’t frothing over the idea of trying the next hoppy, juicy, hazy treat then don’t worry, we’ve still got you! We have invited local cocktail maestro Ben Thrippleton from Kindred Spirits to provide a sweet lil cocktail bar to please those non-beer lovers who want to join this party.

‘Sea Spray’ Dry Hopped Pilsner
New Zealand Hopped Pilsner

When is NZ Pilsner actually a Pilsner? When it’s Sea Spray Dry-hopped Pilsner! Brewed like a proper pilsner but macrodosed (in whirlpool and dry-hopping) with Riwaka and Nelson Sauvin. This makes for a lean, crisp, lager base with big, green, dank oily notes backed with delicate passionfruit for a clean, dry smashable beer with enough bitterness to keep you coming back for more. Food Pairing – This’ll go great with the snapper sliders!

Blue Sky APA 
American Pale Ale

This is an American-style Pale Ale with Talus and Citra hops, so you’ll get plenty of bright grapefruit over citrus aroma and flavour. It’s all balanced on a soft malt base with golden oats for a slightly moreish note and balanced bitterness.

Unfiltered Paradise Pale Ale
Hazy Pale Ale

Our flagship pale ale with all of its hoppy, yeasty magical-ness intact. That’s right. After a few keg-only batches in recent years, you asked, we listened & made some for cans. A tropical fruit bomb unaltered for your beer-drinking pleasure, we present Unfiltered Paradise, our core range superstar with #nofilter.

Amplifire NZ IPA

Our latest NZIPA gets a solid boost from Clayton Hops Amplifire hop extracts including Nelson, Pacifica and Riwaka for extra oomph. This makes for a rock star line up of green over a bready malt base with enough bitterness to lure you back for another round!

Cyclone Swell Unfiltered
Hazy IPA

Like a big ocean swell, this beer is huge! Three of our fave hops shine here – Simcoe, Zythos and NZ Pacifica – for a West Coast-style-meets-NZ hop combo. Ripe citrus, rock melon and pine needles rise to the nose while dank undertones balance the trio on a proper malt base. Decidedly easy drinking and balanced with soft, undulating bitterness, we left it unfiltered to accentuate its raw hop characters. The perfect pour to cut through the maelstrom – at sea or on land.

Subtropical Stout
Foreign Extra Stout

Our take on a classic tropical stout. Well-crafted & warm-fermented, the brewing style is suited to balmy islands & equatorial climes. Expect roasted malts up front with rich, fruity espresso & chocolate notes. Drinks like a slightly-sweetened espresso with a smooth, medium body hinting at alcohol for a touch of winter warmth. Not your average stout. Made in NZ’s winterless north for happy indulgence everywhere.

Wabi Sabi Sour
Yuzu and Honeydew Sour

The concept of Wabi-Sabi is hard to define. It is natural simplicity – flawed beauty – the way imperfection can make an object more compelling. Sourness produced by lactic bacteria in beer is normally considered a flaw. This beer is naturally soured and its sharp, tart character complemented with Honeydew melon and the juice and rind of fresh Yuzu. Nothing is perfect – but sometimes imperfection can be beautiful.

Yuzu and sea salt Sour

In Japan, during the briefest of seasonal windows, green yuzu on the cusp of ripeness is combined with crushed green chilli and salt, then fermented to create a uniquely piquant seasoning. Inspired by this tradition, Yuzukoshō is a kettle soured pilsner, brewed with green chilli, the fresh zest of locally grown green yuzu and a judicious dose of sea salt. The result is a beer that captures the essence of seasonal freshness, bursting with salty sour citrus, and delicate chilli heat. Oishi!

Pernicious Yuzu Weed
Double Yuzu IPA

Original cult classic Pernicious Weed, now in delicious Yuzu flavour. Super sour fresh Yuzu zest and freshly squeezed juice collide head on with Nelson Sauvin and Rakau in a giant-foamy-super-golden-fruity-citrus-hop -bomb-explosion! It shouldn’t taste this good, but it does.

Big Feelings
Yuzu and Sea Salt Hazy

Big flavour, Big Feelings. Luscious white gold hazy IPA, brewed with pale malts, wheat and oats, a generous addition of Yuzu and a touch of New Zealand sea salt creating a beer with a huge citrus aroma and an outrageously juicy, quenching mouthfeel. Giving you those Big Feelings.

Classic NZ Draught

Swifty is named after the Swiftburn stream that flows through Royalburn Station in the South Island’s high country, where our spray-free barley is grown. Brewed by the good folks at Garage Project, this is a Refreshing Beer. An uncomplicated, easy-drinking classic ale. You beauty.

Screaming Goat
Traditional German Bock

It’s malt’s time to shine! Screaming Goat, German style Bock beer, a gorgeous garnet and mahogany dark lager where hops definitely take a back seat. Incredibly balanced and easy to drink, with smooth, malt driven biscuit and toasted hazelnut notes. It’s malt, with a little Rock n’ Roll swagger. Throw me some horns.

Golden Path
Hazy IPA

A generous addition of Golden Naked Oats and Mosaic, Columbus and Strata hops create a beer bursting with flavour, with a balance and body belying its moderate strength. Highway to haze.


A mountainous IPA. Demands to be ridden without restraint. No buffers. No dampers. Just the full feel of its melon, stone fruit and citrus vibrations with a bobbing bitter undertone.

Hazy IPA

With a pickup you can say yes to it all – the call of the wild, a working bee, bike mish or tip trip. Anywhere, all weather, all terrain. Don’t overthink it. Just grab your gear and go. This pickup is loaded with notes of papaya, nectarines, citrus and melon, with some bitterness in the backend for a full and balanced ride.

Batch 206
Hoppy Red Ale

Balanced with kiwi grown hops from NZHOPS and Fermented with an English yeast strain provided by Lower Hutt’s own Froth Technologies. We went for a fairly classic malt forward red ale. We felt this style really showcases Gladfield’s fantastic malts.

Batch 297
Aussie Pale Ale

Using the delicious #233 HDHC as a base, we decided to showcase the similarities and differences of NZ & Aussie hops/hop extracts. A sessionable and easy drinking PA, with distinctive Aussie hop character.

Pink Marshmallow
Hazy IPA

Just the pink ones. Finally, the call has been answered – a toasted marshmallow hazy IPA that exclusively utilises the far superior pink marshmallow! They said it couldn’t be done, but our beer scientists managed to separate just the pink ones for this delicious beer. Loaded with creamy oats and a splash of raspberry and vanilla for maximum decadence, this smooth hazy will make you marvel at the pure undiluted glory of PINK MARSHMALLOWS!

Gummy Worms

Oh Mon Dieu! This bruted Cold IPA melts all competition, bringing huge tropical aromas of mango, passionfruit and citrus to the fore followed by juicy notes of gooseberry, grapefruit and white wine from the Riwaka, Mosaic and Nelson Sauvin hops. Clean and easy drinking with a crisp dry finish, this beer is a pale gold drop of sunlight through an Alpine vista – refreshing and invigorating! Food Pairing – Snapper Sliders. Special Release.

West Coast Pilsner

Shine on! This sparkling pale gold beer drinks crisp and cool with sharp tropical notes of citrus, grapefruit and passionfruit from the heroic combo of Riwaka and Citra Cryo hops. Ultra-refreshing and hoppy with a clean dry finish.

Toasted Marshmallow
Imperial Stout

A luxurious stout with heady notes of roasted caramel, dark chocolate and black coffee with a splash of sticky, sweet vanilla. This beer is loaded with gooey, flame-kissed marshmallows for the ultimate campfire indulgence!

Diamond Head
Hazy IPA

Sit back and RELAX – this beer is serving up ‘Summer Vacay’ vibes with every sip! Charging aromas of fresh tropical citrus splash forward with notes of grapefruit, lemon and pineapple bringing a bright and brilliant zest to this ultra-juicy hazy IPA. Using all Aotearoa hops, a light malt bill and loads of creamy oats, we’ve brewed an easy-drinking beer with huge fruit salad aromatics and a smooth finish.


Put your foot on the gas of our Detroit IPA, an aromatic and hoppy beer, revved up with Riwaka, Galaxy and Mosaic hops that impart a sweet citrus tang, spritzy tropical peach and passionfruit nose, and a cool, refreshing bitterness with every sip. Crisp and delicious with a lean malt bill that really lets these hops hit like early Detroit techno! Get up and get moving!

Belleville Chocolate Milk 

Smooth and sultry with a blast of pure jazz saxophone, this rich stout has been loaded with bittersweet chocolate from Miann Chocolate Factory, creamy oats and dark roasted malts to bring out complex harmonies of toasted cacao, fresh-brewed coffee, biscuity toffee malts and a dash of spice. This beer is magnificent and luxurious, with impeccable good taste.

Juicy Berry Cider

A crisp dry cider combined with squeezed New Zealand Blackcurrants and Raspberries.

Phat Heph

Everything a Hefeweizen should be: Made up of over 50% wheat and characterised by a strong presence of banana and clove in the aroma and flavour.

Mello Fuzzies
Marshmallow Stout on Nitro

A smooth creamy nitro milk stout with the sweetness of hand toasted marshmallows.

Riwaka Dreaming

Our 5% hazy is packed with Riwaka and Taiheke hops, this beer has a fruity nose and crispness that leaves you dreaming for more. 

Cool Flower Sour
Cucumber & Hibiscus Sour

A super refreshing sour brewed with locally sourced cucumbers and hibiscus flowers.

MegaMega Lager

A moderately strong refreshing golden lager perfect for those lazy summer days, or can be enjoyed year round!

Cloud Dancer
American IPA

An American IPA loaded with Amarillo, Simcoe and Citra hops, complimented by a simplistic malt base to let those fruity flavours shine.

Phresh Pale Ale
Northland Fresh Hop Pale Ale

One of the first Fresh Hop Brews in NZ this season packed full of locally grown hops from BOI Hop Farm near Waipapa

Hazy New Zealand IPA

Hopwired’s new hazy sibling, Hazewired features the same Nelson Sauvin and Motueka hops, with a flourish of new Superdelic and Nectaron to add candied pineapple, juicy mango, and passionfruit.

Cold Hard Crash
Cold IPA

This Imperial Cold IPA, brewed for the annual WCIPA Challenge at Malthouse, is cold fermented for a super-smooth, crisp finish. In classic WCIPA fashion, we’ve packed this beer with Nectaron, Simcoe, Citra and Cryo Mosaic hops for a huge burst of bright citrus and pine. Packs more punch than a butt-kicking bandicoot!

Citrus Maxima
Citrus American Wheat Ale

For this beer we brewed an American-style wheat for a clean, light base beer upon which we could fill with the freshest tasting citrus fruits.An additional dry-hop helps to accentuate the bright citrus flavours for a maximally refreshing ale – a tarty new sensation!

Double Espresso iStout
Imperial Stout

Søren finally got around to making imperial coffee stout for 8 Wired’s 15th birthday! We’ve taken the base recipe for the iconic iStout, and cranked the ABV right up. Using an intense, rich, espresso blend from our friends at Rush, this truly is one mighty coffee experience!

Birdseye Hazy IPA
Hazy IPA

Our feathered friends see the world differently. Through birds’ eyes, things might look almost psychedelic to us, with heightened colours and fresh hues forming a surprising new spectrum. This hazy, citrus and stonefruit accented IPA with a mellow, soft and silky texture gives a similarly refreshing change of perspective.

Thunderbird Bright IPA
Bright IPA

They say its wings bring thunder and its eyes flash lightning, but the Thunderbirds Intensity Is Benevolent, its appearance a good omen. This bright IPA borrows its name to give a fresh retelling to a familiar story by  keeping things lean, lucid and enlivening. Its dazzling tropical character comes thanks to a hop from North America, where these tales were first told.

4.4 %

A European-style lager brewed with bready lager malt and German hops, providing pleasant subtle citrus, herbal and floral characters, with a balanced bitterness to finish.

Greyhound Low Carb Hazy
Low Carb Hazy Pale Ale
4.3 %

When the cliché was coined that dogs are humanity’s best friends, it was a Greyhound they had in mind. Whether your plans involve a run or a rest, a greyhound is up for joining in. We’ve dedicated our low carb hazy pale ale to them, and kept it fittingly lean and easy-going, with sparkling citrus hop characters, good balance, and a crisp finish.

West Coast IPA
West Coast IPA

A pale, hoppy and bitter West Coast IPA featuring Simcoe, Centennial and Columbus hops, lending a nod to the old days with citrus, pine and resinous characters.

Limited Release 14 – Double Pastry Stout
Pastry Stout

Limited Release 14 is a Double Pastry Stout with a big, sweet, rounded malt base and additions of cacao nibs, coconut, roasted hazelnuts and vanilla beans adding multiple layers of complexity.

Watchdog Non-Alc IPA
Non-Alc IPA
< 0.5 %

A good watchdog is the perfect companion, a relaxed and friendly presence but always alert and attentive. It’s a rare mix of traits but our brewers have taught a similar trick to this Watchdog, a refreshingly non-alcoholic IPA, with a pale malt backbone and lively hop flavours of citrus and stonefruit, but no bite.

Beach Break

Beach Break is a crisp and fresh Pilsner. Light and dry, this is a perfect go-to for traditionalists and craft beer fans alike. A combo of modern NZ and classic German hops gives this crowd pleasing Pilsner a mouthwatering tropical edge and a bright, snappy bitterness.


Laser is a lean and focused Aotearoa Pale Ale brewed in the old school West Coast tradition.
We took this beer back to basics with a 100% Vienna malt base delivering a clean, smooth and toasty malt character with a hint of caramel.
Generously dosed throughout the brewing process with classic NZ Cascade/Taiheke hops, Laser brings huge grapefruit, lime and turkish delight flavours with a fresh, lively edge. This is balanced by a firm but gentle bitterness.
The Laser is one of the most widely produced boats in the world. This Olympic class, single handed dinghy is light and nimble renowned for its simplicity and performance.

Double NZ Pilsner

Tapawera is crisp and refreshing with strong tropical fruit and gooseberry with a powerful, dank diesel character. The way we’ve employed these punchy hops in such a restrained Pilsner style, gives the beer a distinct New Zealand spin. We chose to brew with 100% Gladfield Malt and innovative Lalbrew Novalager yeast for a clean base and a crisp finish

IPA 6.8%

Our mates down under in Australia are producing some of the best and most exciting hops in the world.
To brew this vibrant Hazy IPA we have brought over a huge dose of Australian Vic Secret and Enigma hops to deliver a sensational flavour profile bursting with juicy Pineapple, White Grape, Pine and Rock Melon.
We loaded this stunning hop combo onto a base of New Zealand Light Lager malt enhanced with layers of fluffy wheat for a smooth and hazy body which supports the vibrant Aussie hops.

Electric Pineapple

Electric Pineapple is a fruity sour ale with a big Hawaiian heart. We took a tart and zesty sour base loaded with fresh lime juice and dosed it up with oodles of pineapple puree and pineapple juice. The result is a juicy trip for your tastebuds with a bright and punchy zing. More Hawaiian than your uncle’s favourite flowery shirt.

Royale ’23

Brewed to season our ABE brewhouse – The objective was clear, to max the system during commissioning. How much malt can the grist case hold? How much mash? Can the whirlpool retain this many hops? It wasn’t the perfect brewday, but the first never is. It was special though. We brewed with Gladfield distillers malt, Kohatu and NZ Goldings Hops, an extended boil and Yorkshire ale yeast. It’s pretty big! Welcome to Windsor Way. This was the first brew at our site in Mangawhai last February and we’ve bottle-conditioned it for over a year to express some wicked cellar-tones of rich sherry and moreish oily hop flavour.

Summer Love 

“Summer in a glass”. Notes of black pepper and ripe pineapple balanced with a super dry, refreshing finish.

Sauvignon Saison

A French saison, barrel aged in wine barrels with the addition of Kainui Syrah grapes.  This trophy winning beer perfectly balances the line between grain and grape.  Light, bubbly & fruity with a hint of oak.

Rosè Saison

Wiremu Wallace 
Scottish ale – 70 Schilling

Wiremu Wallace 70 shilling is a nod to NZ brewers of the past. ‘A celebration of malt. Toasted caramel and toffee characters sit on top of a smooth clean finish, making this

the perfect session beer. Big flavour for such a wee drop.

Kainui Gold
Munich Helles

A classic german lager made with the finest grain & hops results in a well-balanced beer with a floral hop presence & a clean malt forward backbone

Imperial Stout

A big bold, viscous beer loaded with dark malt & hops and aged in whiskey barrels.  The perfect winter warmer!

Peach Bellini

Light, refreshing and reminiscent of the perfect peach bellini

Modern Day 
Hazy IPA

For lovers of hops.  A tropical hop bomb with a pillowy mouthfeel. 


The perfect blend of fruity American hops on a light malt base

… Our epic
kickin’ Kai will be coming soon!
Snapper sliders

A Northland festival isn’t complete without kaimoana. We got fresh line caught snapper sliders from award winning chef Colin Ashton and his epic Soda Creek Catering team. Beer and fish go together like, well, fish and chips. Try that with one of Kainui Brew’s award winning Saisons.


We got the local Northland Grand Daddy Champion of NZ’s low ‘n slow BBQ scene, Ken Van Mackelbergh of Barbecue B.O.I. bringing the fire to Brew of Islands! Teaming up with his “Coal Mates” Fat Boy BBQ and current NZBA Chicken Champions The Coal Kids, to ply us with succulent, smoky, beer-inspired BBQ hot off the coals – the perfect match for the bold flavours of a hoppy pale ale!


For the veggie lovers we got Northland’s own plant based Queen, chef and author, Anna Valentine from the Veggie Tree in Kaeo serving up crispy spiced Indian chickpea pakoras, made with locally grown seasonal veggies, edible weeds from her wild garden, served with homegrown, homemade lime pickle and mint and kawakawa raita. Pair that with a crisp cold pilsner and you’ll be smiling all day long!

Mussel Fritters

Local legends Mrs Millers Mussel Fritters are serving up their infamously tasty fritters; an alchemy of herbed and spiced kutai wrapped in batter, flash fried and served hot and crispy. Imagine that with an epic Hazy!


Did someone say Beer Festival? We might not be sitting in a tent in Germany, but Brew of Islands is the real deal complete with locally made fresh bratwurst with sauerkraut and pretzels with beer cheese dip from our mates at Northland Fine Food. That’ll go nicely with a crisp German style lager made with Kiwi hops.


The Cardona Cocktail bar features spirits from one of the country’s favourite boutique distilleries and hand-crafted cocktails and mocktails from local cocktail maestro Ben Thrippleton of Kindred Spirits for festival goers that don’t love beer or booze. Oh and three of Northland’s most loved DJ’s; VanDeBelle, JXO and Meg complete with cranking dance floor!

Make Your Weekend Plans

Far from a festival where you pick up a pot of chips and a hotdog from a caravan, splash some sauce on them both and call it a day. We’ve created an event that matches our love of the Far North, with our love of Craft Beer and know you’ll enjoy a great weekend!

Grab your crew and make the most of your weekend. Sweep up your first-mate and enjoy a romantic getaway. Ride the waves, wander the countless white sand beaches. Dive in to the crystal clear sparkling blue green waves. Venture off the beaten track to some secret spots or simply enjoy a vibrant weekend of action. It’s like a tropical holiday up here!

Cruising Crews

Wanting a weekend away with your mates? Get some local knowledge on some favourite spots, dive into the big blue and catch your own kai, jump on bikes and ride from the forest to the ocean edge or just wander a golf course – telling tall tales along the way.


Grab your first-mate or woo someone on the line. Wander deserted beaches, stroll or cycle through our magic forests and river trails. Fill your cup and your sails cruising the beautiful Bay of Islands. Finish the day with fine fare on the edge of the sparkling sea. Sounds dreamy eh!

Culture Feast

Kai and culture go hand in hand here. Come and experience something new. Forage, feast, collect historic stories and make your own memories. This place is full of enough history and contemporary culture to satiate your appetite for both.

Groovy Tunes


This year, on the entertainment side, Brew of Islands is proudly featuring live performances by the dynamic 8-piece family-based ensemble, Lost Tribe Aotearoa.

LTA weaves a tapestry of conscious lyrics through their eclectic soundscapes. Known for their vibrant blend of roots, dub, rock, ska, and blues, LTA captures audiences time and again, with their high-energy live performances. Their music is not just heard; it’s felt, offering an uplifting experience that resonates deeply with listeners. Join us in celebrating the unique sound of Lost Tribe Aotearoa, where you will feel an unforgettable fusion of rhythm and message.

Mermaid Bait

Whangarei’s trailblazing band, proudly carrying the title of the city’s original originals band! Heralded as the quintessential sound of Northland, this group of renegades captures the essence of coastal life through their distinctive northern nautical melodies.

With a lineup that embodies the rebellious spirit of the devils, the black sheep, and the truly unruly, Mermaid Bait promises an unforgettable musical voyage.


Dogfather are a semi-acoustic four-piece unit, kicking out classic tunes, born from the depths of lockdown. Just 3 local lads living a stone’s throw from each other, with their favourite lovely lass on the drumkit… bringing their jams from their neighbourhood to the masses. Sure to get you up and dancing!

*Saturday Sessions only


Meg has been rocking funky house bass lines around the world for over 25 years! From Northern England via Manchester, London, & Wellington to finally arrive in the Bay of Islands where he loves getting the dance floor pumping with groovers busting moves, flinging limbs and throwing shapes!


Hailing from France and the early days of Euro House, DJ VanDeBelle has been an active purveyor of fine tunes since 1985. The early 90’s saw residencies and massive outdoor raves in Tucsun, Arizona. In 2004, he relocated to become part of the NZ house scene and began working for “UPFM” radio in Auckland where he hosted his weekly show “Euro-Groove”. Residencies, gigs, beach parties & dance festivals followed. No stranger to the NZ club scene.


JXO (aka Jay Palmer) knows how to rough up the love on a dancefloor. Her epic F*ckYes:TechNo show on Beagle FM, and her regular appearances at Phat House and LoveBug make her a true Northland favourite! Whether its lust-fuelled techno beats in the wee small hours, or heart-grinning downtempo on a summery afternoon, JXO is not afraid to dive head first into the complexities of sound and emotions. So pucker up your bass lips baby, and prepare to get lost in the loved-up ruff n tumble!


Sweet Az is an eclectic musical trio based in the Far North with versatile musical expression and high energy. The 3-piece band’s diverse repertoire covers everything from Rock ‘n Roll classics to modern top-chart hits. Mack Lynn is their steadfast drummer packs a punch with every hit. Rawhiti Turnbull (bass guitar) is a multi-instrumentalist with exceptional rhythmic and melodic prowess. On vocals and guitar is Erick Gerber whose emphatic focus on detail and ability to execute highly technical passages is contrasted by his soulful feel, voice and versatility. Sweet Az, was only formed in mid-2022 but their combined experience makes them more-than-qualified to bring nearly any party or event to life.


Brew of Islands 2024 is set to elevate its entertainment lineup to new heights with the return of Conrad Coom, a beloved hit from last year’s festival. With his dozen or so colorful characters, including the larger-than-life non-binary rooster named Rachel and the enigmatic Rocketman, a liquorish allsort, Conrad Coom promises to bring a whimsical and unforgettable experience to the festival again. But that’s not all—this time, Conrad arrives accompanied by an army of garden gnomes, adding an extra layer of magic and mischief to the festivities.


Toy Purple origins lead to the mighty Puketi forest. More recently sighted dropping dubs and hitting clubs in the windswept Te Whanganui a Tara. This young DJ is heard spinning organic tunes with percussive bass heavy rhythms and felt warming dance floors with emotive sounds that inspire connection.

Lock in to the rhythm with Toy Purple at Brew of Islands Saturday session


Sweet Az is an eclectic musical trio based in the Far North with versatile musical expression and high energy. The 3-piece band’s diverse repertoire covers everything from Rock ‘n Roll classics to modern top-chart hits. Mack Lynn is their steadfast drummer packs a punch with every hit. Rawhiti Turnbull (bass guitar) is a multi-instrumentalist with exceptional rhythmic and melodic prowess. On vocals and guitar is Erick Gerber whose emphatic focus on detail and ability to execute highly technical passages is contrasted by his soulful feel, voice and versatility. Sweet Az, was only formed in mid-2022 but their combined experience makes them more-than-qualified to bring nearly any party or event to life.


Mamadafunk is the mother of progressive, multi-genre sets. Born and raised in the UK funk and Disco scene, later influenced by the early 90’s rave culture, she was always destined to bring her own styles to the DJ booth. With over 20yrs of DJ experience under her belt Mamadafunk enjoys pumping out the funky beats in bars, parties and many festivals in NZ and the UK including: Splore; Rhythm and Alps; Aum; Twisted Frequency; Wilderness; Secret Garden Party and many more. Mama delivers delicious tunes, skillfully mixed, with a passion that is infectious and always fun. She loves to curate sets that take you on a soulful journey, weaving together eclectic, musical selections that guarantee a magical dance floor moment for all tastes!!


Toy Purple origins lead to the mighty Puketi forest. More recently sighted dropping dubs and hitting clubs in the windswept Te Whanganui a Tara. This young DJ is heard spinning organic tunes with percussive bass heavy rhythms and felt warming dance floors with emotive sounds that inspire connection.

Lock in to the rhythm with Toy Purple at Brew of Islands Saturday session

Home Brew

We are keeping things nice and simple. To enter – purchase a ticket via our ticketing page here.

Craft beer was born out of experimentation and home brewers pushing the boundaries. We want to continue to foster that relationship between craft beer and home brewing. Our competition will have 4 categories;

  • Something Crisp (Pilsner/Lager)
  • Something Pale (IPA/APA)
  • Something Dark (Stout/Porter/Dark)
  • Something Special (Sour/Fruity/Unusual Ingredients)

From the ticketing site, you will be sent a ticket number which you will need to put on your label, alongside your category of choice, style of beer, Brewers Name and contact details – check the rules below for more info.


All entries must be dropped off at the Turner Centre with attached brewer’s tag’s no later than Friday 19th July 2024 3pm.

Rules for your brews!

All entries must be brewed by the person entering the beer.
If there are multiple entries please submit a separate entry for each beer.
Commercially brewed beer is not eligible for this competition.
The entry fee is $20 per entry.
The entry fee is not refundable for disqualified entries.
Entries are to be made via the ticketing service at
Entrants may enter multiple beers.
The same beer may not be entered into multiple categories, so choose carefully as the judging party, or organisers,
will not reclassify it for you.
Two bottles of each entry are required for judging. Each bottle must be at least 500ml and none will be returned.
Whist we will take care with all entries, any loss, or damage, is the sole responsibility of the entrant

All entries must declare a style in-line with  the BJCP style guide
Each bottle entered must have an attached label that has its ticket number on it, as well as:
a. The bottle label must have; Brewers Name, Category, Style of Beer and contact details on it.
b. Bottles received without proper labels may be disqualified
c. Labels must be suitably fixed to the bottles. It is down to the entrant to make sure they won’t fall off when unpacked.

By entering the Brew of Islands Homebrew Competition you agree to abide by these rules and allow them, and the
organisers, to use the entry, results and any images for marketing and promotional material for Brew of Islands

Wear it in…



Limited Edition

Just like all great gigs, we’ve created a few items you can wear home and thrash for years to come.

We have a tidy range of different coloured tees & hoodies on offer for you to purchase soon via pre-order to pick up on the day!

Click here to pre-order your merch now!

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